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Asifa bano rape and murdered case




Asifa was only 8 year old girl w

ho was gang raped and was murdered brutally.

the big thing is that this incident happen in january and its come to light in april

with a gap of three month,now the question is why it takes three month who involved in has been reported that some people of BJP are involved in this thats why no great

action are taken to this big incident.not only people are in raged by this incident they have

started candle march for asifa in so many stats and some bollywood celebrities have joined

too like,vishal dadlani,ekta kapoor etc.there are so many news coming on asifa on news channels

instead of making news that some of that are real and some of that fake they are just doing best

for their tv channels.people are saying that they feel ashamed to be called as an indian.

we are all with asifa and their parents.#justicefor asifa.

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